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COVID is a Killer, Climate will be Worse – Yet, there is a Silver Lining

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COVID is a Killer, Climate will be Worse – Yet, there is a Silver Lining

April 13
07:22 2021
The Poorest-of-the-Poor on Drowning-Islands have new Rocket-Scientist allies.

Image caption: The Bahamas, worst-hit from Hurricane Dorian, has no climate plan, no climate-tools, no economic plan, yet realize stronger storms are coming.

This has been a horrible year for humankind. Millions lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is not going away soon. And yet there is a bigger threat in the climate emergency, coming from every ocean, from every storm. Sea-Level Rise will not stop and stronger storms continue to wash over the island homes of the poorest-of-the-poor.

Yet, a silver lining. An informal team of International Rocket-Scientist truly distraught by needless drownings from Hurricane Dorian have launched an effort to independently build the First Climate-Tools for islanders living on the front lines of a changing climatethat will kill and displace millions as climate-refugees.

Team leader Andrew Cameron, a Space Strategist for NASA and Congress stated “To wait, or do nothing is just not acceptable! This team sees Each-Island-as-its-own-Planet where collective space program careers helped pioneer innovative solutions to survive on Mars are engineering Climate-Tools needed here, for sustainable earth.”

According to January’s UN Climate Adaptation Summit 500,000 people have been killed in climatic weather disasters in last two decades, with economic loss a staggering $2.56 Trillion. Yet the Summit saw no binding commitments, though leaders will try to set an action agenda by decade’s end. Cameron stated, “No action agenda for ten years? The UN can’t wait for climate to get worse. It will get worse. People are dying now. People on islands need help now!”

The UN states 10% of global population live on islands, the front-line of climate change. And 1000 islands will be taken-by-the-sea in 15-Years. Five Nobel laurates said “rising-seas and greater storms will force hundreds of millions from their homes to become climate-refugees with unfathomable global economic impacts.” Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told reporters “There is No Vaccine for Climate-Change, something positive must be done now.”

In the 2015 Paris Climate Accord, wealthy nations promised $100B to help poorer states adapt to a changing climate. The true amount given was absurdly low, did little to help, and made unencumbered funds for climate-tools complicated, so this team of Rocket-Scientists has had to turn to GOFUNDME to find funds. 

Though the United States is back in the Climate Fights with new Climate Envoy Senator John Kerry, the recent year’s vacuum in climate leadership lingers with no clear mission or actions. Islands-at-risk and low-lying nations lose ground every day. They are the front-lines of a Planetary-Problem needing Planetary-Solutions.

For a needing planet, the First Climate-Tools could not be more-timely. And at least people can join hands to support those building innovative climate solutions for the poorest-of-the-poor in dire need of new Rocket-Scientist allies.

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DIGITIZE-A-NATION maintains no political agenda, no duty to any nation, organization, or outside influence. Each sustainable science program supports the agenda of the UN, UNHCR, the Red Cross, Red Crescent, The Kofi Annan Foundation, and all aspects of Environmentally Sustainable Development.

Please contribute to the First Climate-Tools to help Drowning-Islands:

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