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Strategic alliance between Singapore doren fund management agency and Thailand modern group

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Strategic alliance between Singapore doren fund management agency and Thailand modern group

December 06
19:00 2019

It is understood that on November 28, the Singapore Dorne fund management organization held the Asia Pacific region cultural tourism industry seminar summit in Bangkok, Thailand, and its CTC global cultural tourism public chain and d-alpha100 operation team made a shocking appearance. Sign the ceremony of issuing “BKL” side chain on site and with the CEO of modern group.

This Asia Pacific culture and tourism industry summit attracted the attention of the royal family of Thailand, and was attended by Prince Wang of Thailand.

Mr. manubasse of kunsulasa received the meeting in person, appeared at the meeting and gave a speech, and general of the Royal Army: General tanapong.

Best wishes for this meeting.

According to the on-site understanding, the participants in the summit are from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and seven teams from different countries. It can be seen that the CTC global culture and tourism public chain under Doren fund has responded to countries in the Asia Pacific region. It seems that “blockchain technology + culture and tourism industry” will be a black horse in blockchain technology + in the future.

On site, Mr. Albert, President of CTC global operations, explained what CTC is:

CTC is a blockchain ledger that specializes in serving the cultural tourism industry. We will strive to make the global tourism industry more standardized, rationalized and transparent through blockchain technology. It reduces the risk of tourism pain point and improves the quality of tourism life.

CTC has the high-performance cross chain technology of dpos, which realizes the safe and efficient token cross chain between the chain and the chain. It also realizes the data cross chain in the later stage, and creates a cross chain ecology integrating wallet, transaction, social interaction, information and application.

Mr. Bernie, general consultant of d-alpha100 quantification team of dorne fund on site, explained three core profit models of “d-alpha100” to all guests on site:

Big data artificial intelligence: data acquisition, database analysis, database analysis.

Multi Strategy Arbitrage: traditional arbitrage, triangle arbitrage, basis arbitrage.

Program trading of digital contract: program trading is a quantitative analysis method, such as K-line, technical indicators (average line, KDJ, MACD, etc.) which are programmed into trading strategy by computer language and implanted into trading terminal system, and automatically place an order for trading according to the prompts of the system.

Thailand modern tourism industry chain group: established in 2010, headquartered in Bangkok. The group’s tourism industry chain is distributed in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. There are 1 Bangkok international 5-star hotel, 2 Pattaya international 4-star hotels, 1 Phuket international 5-star hotel, 109 international travel agencies, 2300 tourist buses, 2 jewelry factories and exhibition centers, 2 leather factories, 3 latex factories, 1 bird’s nest base, tropical Viper Research Center, etc.

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