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FlashIntel Unveils FlashGenie, the AI Assistant Revolutionizing Go-to-Market Intelligence and Customer Success

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FlashIntel Unveils FlashGenie, the AI Assistant Revolutionizing Go-to-Market Intelligence and Customer Success

April 25
17:41 2023


San Francisco, CA – April 25, 2023 – FlashIntel, a pioneer in go-to-market intelligence solutions, is proud to announce the 

FlashGenie is designed to enhance FlashInfo, FlashIntel’s flagship sales intelligence tool. Equipped with sophisticated natural language processing, FlashGenie provides unparalleled support for customer inquiries, GTM play suggestions, keyword recommendations, and ideal customer profile (ICP) insights.

Key features and statistics that set FlashGenie apart from other customer service bots include:

  1. Exceptional Response Time: FlashGenie boasts an impressive 95% reduction in average response time compared to traditional customer support systems, providing users with near-instantaneous answers to their questions.
  2. Advanced Large Language Model (LLM): FlashGenie understands and processes complex user queries with 99% accuracy, ensuring precise and relevant responses to platform-related questions.
  3. GTM Play Suggestions: By analyzing thousands of successful GTM strategies, FlashGenie identifies the top 5 most effective plays tailored to a customer’s unique needs, increasing the likelihood of success by up to 80%.
  4. Keyword and ICP Recommendations: FlashGenie’s powerful data analysis capabilities extend to generating targeted keyword suggestions and ideal customer profiles. By analyzing over 10 billion data points, FlashGenie can help users optimize their sales and marketing campaigns, resulting in a 30% increase in campaign efficiency.
  5. Continuous Learning: FlashGenie’s AI-driven technology continuously learns from customer interactions, refining its knowledge base and improving its capabilities over time.

“FlashGenie represents a significant leap forward in AI-powered customer support and go-to-market intelligence,” said Jerry Limber, SVP of Product Strategy and Revenue Operations at FlashIntel. “Our team has harnessed the power of large language models to create a state-of-the-art AI Assistant that delivers unparalleled value to our customers. FlashGenie is not only a game-changer for customer support but also a powerful tool for businesses looking to refine their GTM strategies and drive growth.”

FlashGenie is now available to all FlashInfo users, seamlessly integrated into the platform to provide customers with an unrivaled support experience. To learn more or request a demo, please visit

About FlashIntel

FlashIntel is a trailblazer in the realm of go-to-market intelligence, offering innovative solutions designed to elevate business performance. With a focus on leveraging advanced AGI and LLM technologies, FlashIntel empowers revenue teams to streamline their efforts and achieve greater success in their go-to-market initiatives.





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