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Get Ready for AstroPets: The First-Ever Mobile P2E Adventure Game to Launch on Apple iOS, with Cross-Chain Functionality

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Get Ready for AstroPets: The First-Ever Mobile P2E Adventure Game to Launch on Apple iOS, with Cross-Chain Functionality

April 04
19:21 2023
The game features five collections of 2,000 NFTs across Cardano, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

AstroPets is proud to announce the launch of the first cross-chain mobile play-to-earn adventure game on Apple iOS. This groundbreaking NFT project empowers virtual pets for avatars to be interoperable across leading blockchains, revolutionizing the metaverse experience. 

AstroPets stands out from other NFT projects by providing monthly rewards to NFT holders and the ability to access leading metaverses with their AstroPet. The mobile app game takes players on an adventure through the AstroVerse, offering exciting challenges and a world of unbounded adventure. AstroPets addresses the critical challenge of accessibility and interoperability within the WEB-3 gaming industry. The project aims to facilitate the entry of traditional gamers into the WEB-3 gaming ecosystem by offering a familiar and convenient gaming environment. Additionally, AstroPets is committed to enhancing interoperability across major smart contract blockchains to expand its market reach, unify the WEB-3 gaming landscape, and deliver innovative infrastructure to the sector.

AstroPets combines five collections of 2,000 unique creatures from various dimensions, all united in a single universe – The AstroVerse. The first AstroPets collection, featuring 2,000 distinct Jurassic characters, will be launched across five major blockchains in batches of 400 distinct NFTs. The first 400 NFTs of the Jurassic collection will be released on the Cardano blockchain. The remaining four batches of 400 NFTs will drop in the following blockchains: Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. AstroPets strategically chose these blockchains to give its community the most promising opportunities.

“By leveraging Web 3.0 technologies, we can create new and exciting opportunities that were previously unimaginable, and we are committed to being at the forefront of this digital revolution,” said Rafael Alfaro, spokesperson and CEO of the company. “At Vhor Technologies, we firmly believe that technology is not just a tool but an enabler that empowers us to create new possibilities and push boundaries,” Jan Mayron added, managing partner at Vhor. 

AstroPet´s cross-chain approach amplifies its exposure and credibility within the broader crypto community and attracts new users and investors. The project aims to cultivate a robust, diverse, and flourishing community within the NFT landscape by fostering interoperability across various ecosystems and encouraging collaboration and innovation.

AstroPets extends a warm invitation for all to explore the cutting-edge realm of gaming and NFTs through their pioneering project, providing the assurance that, in this engaging journey, “you will never walk alone.”. Get started at:

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Vhor Technologies LLC is a Florida-based limited liability company specializing in integrating Web 3.0 technologies into the modern video game industry. The company’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies have earned it a reputation as a provider of unique projects, enriched gaming experiences, and exclusive gameplay opportunities. Since its establishment in 2021, Vhor Technologies has been at the forefront of the industry, offering innovative solutions to its customers.

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