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The web3 interstellar exploration game ecosystem based on Filecoin (FVM) is currently under construction

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The web3 interstellar exploration game ecosystem based on Filecoin (FVM) is currently under construction

April 03
12:26 2023

Reportedly, the Filecoin Foundation has launched a decentralized ecosystem platform application called AD ASTRA, which is fully based on Filecoin FVM, to help promote the prosperity of the Filecoin ecosystem. AD ASTRA, which means interstellar exploration in Chinese, combines elements of Defi, NFT, and lightweight games to help users skip redundant and complex learning processes and participate in web3 in an entertaining way. Unlike past technological pursuits for refinement, AD ASTRA pursues long-term sustainability and trend compliance, turning the cognitive understanding of wealth into actionable products. It is a product that integrates cognition and technology, with a focus on Defi and lightweight gaming.

Filecoin Interstellar Exploration is a blockchain-based multiplayer online game where players can experience space adventures. The game is built by saturn program, a partner of the Filecoin ecosystem, inspired by the decentralized storage of Filecoin and the science fiction style of interstellar exploration. In the game, players will play as space explorers and face many challenges and enemies while searching for interstellar resources. Players can collect various resources in space, including Filecoin that can be used for storage and transactions. Players can also choose to store other players’ data to earn Filecoin. In addition, players can mine Filecoin and build their own mines in the game. Mining Filecoin requires storage space and computing power, providing players with an opportunity to learn about Filecoin storage and mining. Filecoin Interstellar Exploration is a fun and innovative game where players can explore FIL energy and experience different applications and scenarios of Filecoin.

The governance token of the Interstellar Exploration game, FILS, is launched by the Filecoin Foundation and jointly formed by multiple global institutions and financial professionals. The total supply of FILS is 100 million, with no pre-sale, and a maximum deflation to 1 million. The first launch will be on FVM FileSwap and PancakeSwap, the world’s largest decentralized exchange of Binance.

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