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FAMEEX Implements Changes Following Successful Feedback Campaign

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FAMEEX Implements Changes Following Successful Feedback Campaign

January 31
22:31 2023

Recently, FAMEEX, a secure and globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange, completed a successful 100-user feedback campaign. The campaign aimed to gather valuable insights and perspectives from the exchange’s users and attracted a large number of participants. Feedback was received on various aspects of the platform, including the ease-to-use interface, 24/7 customer support, automated grid trading, poster-sharing features and overall satisfaction. This feedback has been instrumental in helping FAMEEX to optimize its platform and continue to improve its offerings, especially after being listed on CoinGecko and partnering with Banxa.

There are some ​users who have expressed their concerns and a desire to share feedback about the exchange’s assets reserves, following the collapse of another major cryptocurrency exchange. This has led to increased attention on exchanges like FAMEEX to provide proof of assets audits. FAMEEX has always made user protection a priority, from implementing secure multi-area storage strategies and global asset management to now providing proof of assets for users to verify on the platform. This demonstrates the exchange’s commitment to prioritizing user safety and security, which extends beyond just protection from exploits and includes transparency, fairness, and honesty in all interactions with users. FAMEEX has consistently stated that its primary focus is the safety of its users and their assets. By assuring users that the reserves exceed user asset balances, FAMEEX has proven that it stands by this commitment.

The feedback provided by the participants was invaluable in guiding FAMEEX’s efforts to continually improve the platform and provide the best possible experience for its users. As a result of the campaign, several areas for improvement were identified and changes have already begun to be implemented. These changes are expected to further solidify FAMEEX’s position as a secure exchange in the cryptocurrency space. The FAMEEX exchange is committed to continue serving its users and providing them with a secure and seamless trading experience.


Launched in 2020. FAMEEX is a global cryptocurrency exchange that currently provides fiat-crypto, crypto-crypto, grid trading, futures, options, margin, spot and a hugely popular referral and affiliate program. With more than 300,000 users across 50 countries and regions. FAMEEX provides a secure, stable and efficient 24/7 trading platform.

Currently, FAMEEX is undergoing rapid expansion of the user base and is a reliable crypto exchange broker which operates under a policy of transparency and fairness. Moreover, the trading platform offers a high level of sophistication, with plenty of engaging trade choices to help traders accomplish their goals.

In addition, FAMEEX keeps pushing the boundaries of the crypto exchange industry, exploring frontier growth opportunities and strengthening core competencies, expanding into adjacent product offerings and developing innovative business models that lead the way in bringing Web3 solutions into the crypto ecosystem including recruiting more Web3 developers and researchers to enrich the Web3 product that will support those visionary traders.






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