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The Corporate Mercenary by author Jonathan Xavier Ozovek is being praised by critics and readers alike

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The Corporate Mercenary by author Jonathan Xavier Ozovek is being praised by critics and readers alike

January 02
19:29 2023
The Corporate Mercenary is business fiction taken to a whole new level. Well-written, witty, and enthralling, the book encapsulates a journey to the corporate culture and ways to become financially independent.

The corporate world is no less than a battlefield. Terms like cut-throat and big-eat-small represent the brutal nature of the corporate environment. Everyone wants to grow – stamp their authority, and become a powerful force in the circle. But achieving this at the expense of frontline workers is where the line needs to be drawn.

In his latest effort to empower hardworking employees to build a mercenary mindset for financial freedom and early retirement from the corporate environment, Jonathan Ozovek takes a creative and thought-provoking approach to educate and entertain people.

Jonathan’s book, The Corporate Mercenary, aims to give people control of their professional and financial development. It reveals the subliminal manipulated stipulations created by the corporate power structure and the ability to combat them while staying in the race. 

In the financial thriller, the book emphasizes learning new skills and expertise that can transform you from being a replaceable commodity to the owner of your own financial future. You will also find the different classifications of people within the system according to their perceived value and how they become replaceable resources for the companies.

Unlike an orthodox business guide, the book reflects on multiple life disciplines, including work-life balance, social relationships, etc. It also empowers the reader to treat their professional life like a corporation and establish cash-generating assets to purchase their freedom from the game.

Jonathan X. Ozovek wears many hats, including, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Global and Business transformation expert. He believes in constant growth, continuous improvement, and setting an example by leading from the front.

About the Author

Considered one of the best turnaround, transformation, and technology executives globally, Jonathan is an expert when it comes to strategizing a plan of action for exponential business revenue growth, cost optimization, and driving innovation. In addition, Jonathan has invented the first Cyber Resilience and Resilience as a Service (RaaS) Methodology and designed systems ranging from a predictive commodity trading system, a medical device research and development Enterprise Program Management (EPM) system, and a cutting-edge last mile logistics platform and SaaS solution.



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