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MEDLAB Middle East Rolls out Successfully, with “Mobile Cabin PCR Laboratory” to Boost Global Economic Bounce-back after the Epidemic

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MEDLAB Middle East Rolls out Successfully, with “Mobile Cabin PCR Laboratory” to Boost Global Economic Bounce-back after the Epidemic

July 02
02:35 2021

MEDLAB Middle East was successfully held on June 21, 2021, at Dubai International Exhibition Center in UAE. As the world’s second and Middle East’s largest medical fair, MEDLAB Middle East is the first international exhibition for the industry after the outbreak of the COVID-19. The Chinese Delegation has made an outstanding presence at the event.

Coyote Bioscience (Beijing) Co., Ltd., as one of the leading representative Chinese companies in molecular diagnosis, has confronted the challenge of COVID test for many times in the past year. In this exhibition, Coyote has introduced the Mobile Cabin Laboratory that adopts the integrated design of the “P2 bio-safety + vehicle-mounted” feature. The Mobile Cabin has caught the eyes of nationwide industrial experts and distributors for its “onsite, instant and mobile” test method, 10,000+ daily test capability, and its intelligent and integrated all-in-one operating platform.


The mobile Flash20 nucleic acid rapid testing system equipped on Mobile Cabin has the shortest test time and the highest sensitivity amidst all nucleic acid testing PCR platforms certified by NMPA and CE, and is also the only nucleic acid rapid testing system with the test time less than 30 minutes. This PCR platform upended the traditional way of collecting multiple samples together for testing, with individualized testing channel, it could realize “1 minute for sampling and 30 minutes for results”. Meanwhile, the cabin is equipped with high-throughput nucleic acid rapid testing systems to test samples of large sizes, with a maximum daily test capacity of 13,500 people. It can identify multiple variant samples of COVID-19, including the Delta strain, the Alpha strain, and the Beta strain.

How to recover and improve people’s livelihood in the post-epidemic era? How to secure the economic development landscape featuring both domestic circulation and globally supportive circulation? This is a forward-looking topic. Iterative breakthrough of the nucleic acid testing technology can never be underestimated, as it is related to our capability of normalizing more rapid and accurate epidemic prevention and control, and guarantees to boost the social and economic advancement after the epidemic. The nucleic acid testing technology will certainly become a powerful weapon to fuel economic development in the post-epidemic era.

The “Flash” nucleic acid testing technology speaks volumes for its technological advantages. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Coyote has performed outstandingly on the global battlefield against the virus, with its COVID-19-related business covering more than 50 countries and regions across the globe and having tested the virus for more than 10 million people. Reports have flooded by Skynews, Agence France Presse, Al Jazeera, Le Figaro, Yahoo, and other authoritative media.

In addition to hospitals, clinics, and community medical centers, the “Flash” nucleic acid testing technology has also served the “Travel Bubbles” program in the Hong Kong airport and the UK airport, allowing travelers from different countries to freely travel across borders without forced quarantine or exposure to COVID-19. The system has also been equipped on royal cruises of the Netherlands to test COVID-19 for the crew, passengers, food, and the environment.

During the SCO Expo 2021 in Qingdao, the “Mobile Cabin” was used to run nucleic acid tests for attendants and attendees. Samples flew through the cabin without being traditionally collected together for a test. Reports could be obtained immediately after the test. In Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, 4 sets of Mobile Cabins are now stationed in the Chongli venue, one of the main venues of the game, to complete rapid nucleic acid tests for the qualifier of the game.

Technologically empowered by its “proven effectiveness and assured speed”, Coyote “Flash” nucleic acid rapid testing technology will facilitate the rebound of the global economy that has been devastated by the epidemic in hands with many other Chinese companies, and contribute to the anti-epidemic cause for China’s molecular diagnosis sector.

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