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Health Supplements: The New Buzz in the Health & Wellness Sector – Arizton

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Health Supplements: The New Buzz in the Health & Wellness Sector – Arizton

November 27
06:25 2020

In recent years, the increasing awareness for healthy lifestyle and the rise of various diseases have created a surge in demand for immune health supplements. Gut health is a major concern for adults, to prevent health disorders and maintain perfect balance of the bacterial composition. For instance, liver diseases are increasing at an alarming rate which is owing to the overconsumption of alcohol and unhealthy lifestyles. The consumption of health supplements as a precautionary measure is now becoming an integral part of the daily lifestyle among people of all age group across the globe.


The influence of social media, celebrity endorsements, and few other marketing strategies are factors contributing to the multi-billion growth of the health supplements industry. The current trend of consuming organic health supplements and plant-based diet is increasing immensely among the population. The market players such as Bioray, is introducing clean-label supplements for the users who are looking for organic products which in turn, will match their clean and ethical values. The increasing awareness of organic and vegan products may lead vendors to invest more in R&D activities.  The concern of well-being of the family members have increased the intake of probiotic health supplements. Since the perceived benefits of probiotic supplements are extremely high, the adoption is expected to boost with the rise in end-use and varied variety that are currently available in the market. Medical practitioners are recommending probiotics for numerous health disorders, driving the overall health supplement market worldwide.


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Role of Immune Health Supplements during COVID-19


The emergence of COVID-19 in early 2020 is creating immense demand for immune health supplements in the market. However, the medical industries faced a challenge of huge demand for immune supplements in the first quarter of 2020 along with hand gloves and other medical equipment. According to the Ariztion’s study, more than 50% of the consumers started consuming immune health supplements and 30% consumers are planning to increase their intake of health supplements in the latter half of 2020. As a preventive measure people have started investing in immune supplements that contain probiotics, omega 3, and more despite of having lack of proper evidence and claims that suggests that it actually is beneficial for COVID-19. People across the globe are trying to implement every necessary step that will help them to keep away from coronavirus infection, thereby creating a sort of frenzy around immune and other health supplements.


Medical mushrooms were used since the ancient days to prevent and treat various diseases. Medical mushrooms are mostly used in immune supplements that enhance the immune systems and overall wellness. The market players are focusing to invest on R&D activities that will ensure 100% safe and effective formulas for mushrooms that can be consumes by all groups. Do turkey tails mushrooms have powerful effects on immune health supplements? As per the Healthline, researchers have found that turkey tails mushrooms can augment the immune response in treating patients suffering from certain kind of cancers.


Vitamins are the most preferred ingredients for immunity supplements. Vitamin D is estimated to be the most essential component for immune health supplements for humans. Furthermore, the supplements that includes Vitamin D helps to fight against viral infections. According to, more than 30% consumption of vitamin D has boosted the benefits in treating patients affected by COVID-19. There is a vitamin craze in many countries which are highly affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 such as China and Singapore. Such demand trends and consumption patterns are projected to positively impact the immunity supplements market in coming years.


Are Maternal and Child Nutrition Supplements an Essential Dietary Component?


The nutritional requirement in women during pregnancy is significantly increasing and the healthcare practitioners are recommending consumptions of dietary supplements. As per the Arizton report, approximately 87% of women during pregnancy use supplements, and 75% of women continues to take it post-pregnancy. However, to ensure the healthy growth of infants and children they are required to intake adequate amounts of nutrition through a balanced diet. Sometimes nutrition through foods are not enough, so they are likely to intake additional nutrition supplements. The increase in online sales of dietary supplements is mainly due to the performance of online retailers that has outpaced the growth in sales of huge online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. In the competitive environment, the increasing of online and digital sales of nutraceuticals is expected to enjoy a healthy market position.


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Governments are taking necessary steps towards the maternal and child nutrition that have launched many schemes to enhance food and nutrition among mother and child. According to The Lancet case study, around 68% deaths are due to child and maternal malnutrition. Arizton’s report on child and maternity supplements states, more than 20 million infants are born with low weight worldwide and over 3.6 million infants die during the neonatal period. So, it is imperative to protect the child as well as the mother with the proper medical precautionary measure. Continual R&D and product development are major contributing factors to the growth and success of vendors in the child and maternity health supplements market.


Clinical Nutrition A Solution to Fight against Various Diseases


Nutrition is the essential part of life and is important to fight against several chronical illnesses. Malnutrition is the global disease affected around 40% of the hospitalized patient, mostly remain malnourished due to ignorance. The requirement for clinical nutrition is driving the market growth primarily due factors such as growing genetic population, increasing incidence of malnutrition, and the rising prevalence of communicable and non-communicable chronic diseases. The increasing number of preterm births and rising prevalence of malnutrition among children are primarily driving the demand for clinical nutrition among children. Clinical nutrition plays an important role to ensure better survival outcomes for critical conditions of the patients arising as an impact of COVID-19. The rising consumption of Vitamin D and Vitamin C supplements is helping to reduce the effects of coronavirus infection and ICU admission globally. The role of nutrition in COVID-19 is an essential element in treating patients affect with the coronavirus as it helps to boost the immunity of the patients.


The consumption of nutrition supplements is becoming an integral part of lifestyle and dietary habits for many people. Increasing awareness of deadly viruses are fueling the demand for medical supplements to boost one’s immune system. COVID-19 is accelerating the consumption of immunity supplements at an accelerated pace, encouraging pharmaceutical and other health supplement companies to leverage this trend. Online retailers like Amazon and Walmart is increasing their presence by selling the immune supplements online and making them available for every consumer. Dietary supplements are also important for the happy growth of newborn infants and the mother as well. This supplements also help the world to fight against reducing malnutrition across the globe. Will there be any change in the consumption pattern of these health supplements post COVID-19? This is something a lot of companies in health and wellness industry tracking very diligently.


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