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Applying the Technology of Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Y-FUNIE Moonlight Treasure Solves the Anti-Aging Problem

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Applying the Technology of Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Y-FUNIE Moonlight Treasure Solves the Anti-Aging Problem

November 03
01:36 2020

On October 7, 2020, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A.Doudna for developing a sharp instrument in genetic technology, which was CRISPR/Cas9, the technology of Rainbow Gene Editing.


As early as 2019, in cooperation with Southern Medical University, the research team of Y-FUNIE took the lead in putting forward the technology of Rainbow Gene Reduction in the industry. In 2020, after experimental R&D and clinical practices, Y-FUNIE applied the technology of Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Rainbow Gene Targeted Anti-Aging Reduction Therapy. With the prospective product configuration and international vision, Y-FUNIE designed and developed Moonlight Treasure, which can track in real time and position precisely, targeting to prevent early aging and anti-aging, which is the pioneer in the field of medical cosmetic.

Flabby and sagging skin, poor elasticity, wrinkles, dark yellow face, roughness and so on are all early aging phenomena that have been difficult problems in the field of skin anti-aging. Y-FUNIE Moonlight Treasure uses Rainbow Gene Editing Technology of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, with 3 core components and 60 nutrients, bringing safe, efficient, high-quality medical cosmetic experience to the majority of beauty lovers. Among the core components, nano-diamond targets positioning and precise anti-aging; Periplaneta Americana powerfully repairs skin and creates a stable system; collagen hyaluronic acid infuses the skin with the required nutrients, which is a combination of 3 molecules of hyaluronic acid and type III human collagen, which is widely found in the skin of infants.

At the same time, Y-FUNIE has set up a consulting platform of 1,000 national skin beauty experts and built more than 100 bases for medical cosmetic practices. A large amount of clinical data shows that Moonlight Treasure, the medical repair sets, has made outstanding achievements in the field of anti-aging:

1. Tracking function: Tracks and studies gene expression related to aging, then finds relevant solutions;

2. Positioning function: Nano-diamond aggregates adsorb effective substances and brings them to the problem skin, then effectively prevents early aging and anti-aging;

3. Reverse aging function: Brings back the younger state of the skin and returns to the young face.

Preventing early aging and anti-aging used to be a time-consuming, difficult and sometimes even impossible work. But now with the use of Y-FUNIE Moonlight Treasure of Targeted Anti-Aging Reduction Therapy, in just a few weeks, extremely precise changes will be made in the “code of life”, the muscles will be firmed up and the skin will be tighten.

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